Miriam Berry RN

for Congress

​I oppose defunding the police. Those who choose to quotex io serve in law enforcement are an essential part of our community. They have my respect and support.


We must stop borrowing from our future. I pledge to simplify bills. It's blatantly wrong to attach special interests to legislation, especially by hiding it in pages and pages of legal speak.

Let's stop giving free money to countries that hate us. Sovereign nations must prove to me that humanitarian aid isn't rotting on the docks somewhere or hiding in someone's secret coffers.


Evidence-Based Legislation:

It is wrong for lawmakers to pass bad laws and hope the judiciary will fix it. 

We must not subject our freedoms and resources to experiment. Whether cannabis, physician assisted suicide, taxation, immigration, Medicare, socialism - you name it - we mustn't legislate from emotional responses. If it is measurable and repeatable, we need to use that information.

Responsible Stewardship:

America is a nation of vast and beautiful resources, from her people to her environment. We owe it to each other to carefully manage and never squander what is given to us.

Reduce Partisan Bickering:

We must work together to help heal our land and unite our United States.

Your Voice Counts:

Do you feel that you have the quotex trade ear of elected officials? We may or may not agree, but I firmly maintain we have more in common than we realize. Let's talk!


Serving the health care needs of Vermonters since 1985


    I started in health care as a nursing assistant, put myself through LPN school and then earned my RN. I have worked rehab and acute care, but my passion is geriatric care.

    For me, elder care brings together all the facets of nursing. I love establishing long term relationships with patients, hearing their histories and learning from them. I love interviewing them and assessing their needs. I do enjoy the complexity of their cases, but it pales compared to the moment when a patient with dementia remembers my name. On a perhaps selfish note, my patients also graciously welcome my violin playing! I must admit that it is rather gratifying when they refer to me as "the little girl with the violin."

    We cheer for the successful rehabilitation and discharge of our residents; we share the grief of bidding permanent good-byes. We educate and support family members. We become family to the lonely. It is a precious and profound trust placed in us. I am humbled an ever so privileged to be part of elder care.

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